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May 2, 2014 5:30am PDT
declaration of sovereignty. the going gets people's content. parkinson cctv footage used in ukraine russian president lavender coach and demanding she of authorities withdraw its troops from the southeastern part of ukraine. he also called for a broad national dialogue about reforms to ukraine's constitution. i put him in the comments in a telephone conversation with german chancellor of the merkel. meanwhile the russian foreign ministry urged ukraine got to use armed forces in the southeastern region saying that it would lead to a catastrophe. the statement came after kiev decided to retake administration buildings occupied by activists on friday using its armed forces. the ministry urged ukraine not to make criminal mistakes but using forces against ukraine's people. for more on the reactions from russia we're now joined by correspondence. i know are done you must go on sunday can you tell this one is the response from the russian government. the latest gunfire slow dance. i have been no response yet from the russian government on this latest incident in the house. what else but s
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1